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The proposal provides a resilient and sustainable building prototype solution to face the increasingly destructive impact of hurricanes in coastal communities at great risk of significant damage. As global warming continues, preparing for hurricane disasters will be a challenging endeavor in the 21st century.


The prototype building functions as an affordable housing complex with the capacity to shelter additional occupants during hurricane events, creating a safe space during the storm. The programmatic components and systems strategically provide essential living needs in everyday life, as well as relief during hurricane emergencies, and resilience after the devastation.



Before hurricane

The ground floor features water reserve tanks and a porous landscape for faster water absorption along with ample public space. Elevated 20’ off the ground for surge protection, the first level generally serves a supermarket/clinic, and food reserve/health services during hurricanes. Occupants reside permanently in the six-story containing two different modest home configurations. Terraces serve as open public spaces when the accordion hurricane shutter system is open, and as a shelter when closed. The last level offers gardening beds and rooms for electricity generators/storage connected to the solar panel system. All components and systems are protected in a concrete envelope.


Everyday Use


During Hurricane

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